Let's Talk Benefits...

Benefits are an important part of your employee compensation programs. When designing and reviewing your benefits packages it is important to know the answers to key questions. Are your benefits competitive with others in your industry and geographic region? Are you offering plans that reflect the best plan for the money?

We partner with your agents and vendors to supplement or represent your HR staff in evaluating your employee benefits program to ensure that it is cost effective and is meeting your needs.

Compensation Management

We provide professionally designed compensation and incentive programs that help attract, motivate, and retain your workforce. This is the key for maintaining an effective organizational structure.

  • Job Descriptions

  • Wage & Salary Analysis

  • Compensation Programs

  • Executive Compensation

  • Performance Management

  • Reward & Recognition Programs

  • Sales Incentive Design

Benefits Design Services

  • Strategy Development - What benefit structure fits your culture, employee base, and financial position?

  • Design - How do your chosen benefits work together for maximum impact? 

  • Implementation - How do you start?

  • Process Improvement - How do you leverage current offerings for stronger results?

  • Education and Communications Support - Build and strengthen your teams understanding of these important benefits. 

  • Agent/Vendor Relations - Selecting and managing this key affiliation.

  • Support for Annual Enrollment - What is required? How do you do it?

  • Decision Support for Employees - Who do employees talk to when they have questions?

  • Support for early retirees who now have healthcare options available to them under ACA - Making sense of complicated regulations.