Your answer to these questions may depend upon your position. As an employee/professional, you may want to make a career change and not know where to begin. As an employer, you may want to offer career transition services to good employees who will be facing corporate changes or other events. Either way, this is a life-changing event.  We understand your needs and bring a personal touch to helping you proactively manage the transition.

Benefits of Outplacement Services


In today's challenging business environment, companies are often forced to make changes to the corporate structure.  Job loss is difficult for employees and companies alike. Our career transition services help your company treat departing employees with dignity and compassion. Our outplacement services help you “do the right thing” when making staff reductions – which is simply good business. We provide one-on-one career counseling to help your departing employees focus on their future and develop a strong resume and a plan of action.

The Core of Career Transition

We support and guide transitioning professionals through the entire search process. Attending group seminars and/or one-on-one coaching allows clients to:

  • understand their value in today’s job market

  • determine their career direction

  • build a strong resume and communication portfolio, and

  • develop an effective marketing plan

We understand that each career transition client is unique, and our services will be focused in to best serve each individual's needs. Helping a client move forward while coping with this life change is the essential mission of our experienced career transition coaches. 


Career Transition Options

Executive Career Transition Programs

Level Programs

Group Programs/Career Centers

“Trailing” Partner Programs

Individual Self-Sponsored Programs

On-Site Notification Support

Customized Programming

Career Coaching

Confidential and Effective

Following an agreement on goals and timetables, a typical coaching assignment will include an in-depth assessment and several one-on-one sessions to improve or affect targeted conclusions. Career transition clients struggling with career confusion and change have found our techniques to be especially effective. Several have gone on to very successful opportunities without losing career momentum. Executive-level employees have also greatly benefited from our coaching services and have been able to gain stronger confidence in business development.

OI Global Partners

As a proud member of OI Global Partners, we are able to provide strong technological resources for career transition clients, as well as an international network of contacts and services. Our career transition programs are results-driven. We focus on people and quality outcomes, not rigid processes and this month’s profit targets.

Through our partnership with OI Global Partners, PeopleFirst is able to offer OI Solutions, our proprietary, Web-based career transition and talent management tool. When combined with our one-to-one consultation, it creates a powerfully effective experience for transitioning professionals.