FAQ's Regarding Interim Leadership

Why Hire an Interim Leader? 

With the driving forces of today’s economy, the ever changing business environment, and the retirement of baby boomers, companies need a leaner, more productive organization that holds the ability to remain stable yet react quickly to the rapidly changing marketplace. In response to these business dynamics, our Interim Leadership services can provide your business stability, continuity and solutions during leadership recruiting and hiring. Business leaders are finding that Interim Leaders can be essential during critical periods of a company’s life, including the stages of start-up, turnaround, growth, or internal change.

How Long Does an Interim Leader Work With a Business? What Costs are involved with an Interim Leader or Director? How Do I Find or Recruit an Interim Executive? 

If your business or organization is looking for experienced professional leaders on a project or time-limited assignment, then our Interim Leadership Team is right for you. We have a group of nationally and internationally experienced professional leaders from several industries and organizations, with specialized skills and knowledge to assist you in an efficient and cost-effective manner. These professional leaders are available to step in on short notice to fill a sudden gap in leadership, to run a key initiative or to provide special hire skills and knowledge for a temporary period of time. 

Our Leadership Team Provides Expertise in Critical Categories

Strategic Growth

  • Management of Rapid Growth

  • New Market Expansion

  • International Business Strategies

  • Implementation of Profit Improvement Strategies

  • Management of a Start-up

  • Business Development Leadership

  • Development and Implementation of Strategic Growth Strategies

Turn Around

  • Start-up or Closing-down of a Division

  • Merger or Acquisition

  • Turnaround of an Underperforming Business or Division

  • Recover Failing Projects/Programs

  • Risk Management Strategies


  • Senior Leadership Temporary Replacement

  • Implementation of a New Corporate Strategy

  • Human Resource Functions, Implementation, or Management

  • Overstretched Management

  • Rationalizing, Downsizing, or Restructuring

  • Finance/Accounting Strategies

  • Intergenerational Transition

Corporate Culture Strategies

  • Development and Implementation of Organizational and Cultural Changes

  • Change Management

  • Corporate Culture Mergers

  • Crisis Management